Big Boss, by Terry Wolfe

  • Question: So, Chico's jack socket in his chest is left totally unexplained. Do you think it'll come back or was it just some random weirdness never to be mentioned again? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I never understood people’s fascination with that.  What did people imagine?  It’s a hole in his sternum, there’s no metallic audio port or indication that it’s useful for something.  Why a person would choose to keep a jack in their sternum?  Maybe because it beats having it in muddy water?  Chico is dumb.

  • Question: Are you going to address Chico Tape 4 in your article? If not, why do you think Kojima incorporated something like that in the game? What do you think it tells us about Kojima's mindset when creating this new entry? If Old Snake and MGS4 was an allegory for Kojima's feelings about continuing the franchise, this desire of his to touch upon darker subject matter and break boundaries to make the ordinary player uncomfortable in this one must have some hidden meaning as well, right? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’ll address the tape, yes, and what I think it means for Kojima

  • Question: What do you think about TPP having both regenerating health and boss battles? Can these two things work at all in the same game? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I’m writing about this in my current article.

  • Question: Wondering what you think of this MGS GZ theory. Even if his conclusions may be wrong, he still mentions some interesting points. youtube/watch?v=dZJmyu1rS9E - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Half that stuff is ridiculous to analyze.  Shadow shape?  Inverted posters?  Gray Fox skin in Deja Vu?  Thematically, what is the reason for Kojima to make Frank Jaeger some kind of doppleganger?

    That’s the real question you always need to ask.  There’s nothing clever about making the protagonist secretly Gray Fox, because we already know what eventually happens to both Gray Fox and Big Boss.  Skull Face is a fascinating enigma at this point, and it is very strange that he repeats lines that Big Boss has said before.  I’m not even against the notion that we’re seeing some kind of subjective version of the historical events.

    Also, for the record, I dislike videos that take 30 minutes to say 5 - 10 basic ideas.  Way too much fluff and emotional buildup.

  • Question: Interesting theory about MGS3 being a coma dream. Only issue I really see is, how do you explain the deliberate Time Paradox screens and Campbell getting furious about the future being changed? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    Well if the future was changed, Campbell shouldn’t know about it, and it gets into theoretical metaphysics, so I don’t take it as “realistic”.  If it was a VR mission and you played as Raiden, Campbell wouldn’t get so mad and serious about the future being changed, because it’s fake, right?

    Unless it’s not the real Colonel, because Raiden never met the real Colonel in the first place.  The theory would be that Raiden is still in a VR dream, only now The Patriots are giving him a “fantasy simulation”.  In a sense, it’s still the S3 Plan, because it still proves that he chooses fiction instead of reality.  Instead of the “model” being a parody recreation of Shadow Moses, it’s a model of Big Boss’ younger days.  Again, based on reality, but not actual reality. 



Part one is about “Marketing / Concept”


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  • Question: What is the dream theory you mentioned regarding MGS3? - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    I believe MGS3 was originally intended to secretly be Big Boss’ dream/nightmare, which he played over and over in his mind while he was in a coma.  The Cobra Unit was an exaggeration of the emotions he faced and overcame during the Snake Eater mission, as he worked his way toward The Boss to kill her.  He killed his pain, fear, sorrow, oblivion, fury, and finally joy, and in the end he became immune to all of these.

    I believe the “I’m still in a dream, Snake Eater” lyric in the opening song is a strong hint about this, considering it’s prominent and the final line in the song.

    I believe Zero was not intended to be a villain pre-MGS4, and that “The Patriots” were simply the result of America regaining the WWII funds and falling into the hands of the CIA, who could therefore expand their intelligence network and try to manipulate Big Boss.  Of course Big Boss rejected them and swore vengeance for forcing him to kill The Boss unfairly.  Considering that Zero seemed to have little interest in The Boss or her “Will” at all, this makes much more sense to me.  The Patriots are supposed to be an amorphous ideology within the US government, embodied by the Wisemen’s Committee and their respective puppets, the key people who use the money and influence of the “Philosopher’s Legacy” to establish new technologies and weapons for shaping a worldwide utopia of control.

    Big Boss’ secret war against the Patriots, his falling into a coma, his having clones made of him, and then creating Outer Heaven as a bid to rob control of those who killed The Boss, are all things we can extrapolate from MGS3 if we pay attention to the established history until that point.

    Snake Eater itself seems too crazy, too surreal, and too peppered with hints to be real.  The Raiden mask, the fact that Big Boss is called “Jack”, and mistaking “Virtuous Mission” for “Virtual Mission” are all clear hints that the game was not real.

    That was the theory anyway.

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