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There is only so much surrealism you can take in your daily life. TFYC is quickly bringing me to that limit. But before I step off the deep end let me help #Gamergate with one last thing.

The issue that you guys/girls/otherkin/whatever are having problems within the video game journalism…

I’d say it’s good that Sony has dedicated representatives that can be contacted by developers, but even if you get on the platform I guess you aren’t guaranteed visibility.  Thanks for this insightful post!  Big fan.

“I’m just glad ALS has raised so much awareness about ice bucket challenges.”

Anonymous asked: what are your thoughts on "gurl gamers" and the disgusting feminism tumblristas spew?

I like girl gamers, I don’t know what “gurl gamers” refers to. As for the feminist trends we’re seeing these days, I wrote about it in this article. Hope that answers it.

Anonymous asked: Do you think MGSV will be released on PC? The PS3 version looks like trash while the PS4 is underwhelming in general. Don't understand Mr Kojima and Konami's decision to ignore PC when Fox Engine would be at its full potential on PC.

MGSV is a current gen game. It’s being ported to new consoles, but it’s almost impossible to think that something would dramatically improve.  Grand Theft Auto V on the other hand is going to be adding more foliage, vehicles, people, and more “bustle” essentially.  

Will it come to PC? A year later, or when sales of the console games has declined enough, I’m sure. It’s sad, I agree.