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Anonymous asked: Do you think MGSV will be released on PC? The PS3 version looks like trash while the PS4 is underwhelming in general. Don't understand Mr Kojima and Konami's decision to ignore PC when Fox Engine would be at its full potential on PC.

MGSV is a current gen game. It’s being ported to new consoles, but it’s almost impossible to think that something would dramatically improve.  Grand Theft Auto V on the other hand is going to be adding more foliage, vehicles, people, and more “bustle” essentially.  

Will it come to PC? A year later, or when sales of the console games has declined enough, I’m sure. It’s sad, I agree.

“How do Hulk fans feels about the fact that every Hulk action shot is traced over a screen capture of a porn guy climaxing?”

RE: The lesson of the Great Male Renunciation

Another problem with the spontaneous homophobia (and/or privilege disgust) theory behind the Great Male Renunciation is that nothing ever works that way.  The whole European male aristocracy radically changed their way of life, dress, and belief about what’s masculine (this is the key part) on a whim because some new idea they’ve never considered before came along?  I don’t know if it’s officially recorded, but it only makes sense that there was a lot of support for such a shift beforehand, and extreme pressure to do so.

I’ll elaborate…

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RE: The Gay Heel

Here’s a list of claims being made over at this blog… 


…and this person…


  1. Men do not wear footwear featuring higher heels today
  2. The sole purpose for deep heels on men’s footwear was originally to enhance the appearance of the calf muscles on display and look “fabulous”
  3. It was a deep, universally held belief in Europe for centuries that being masculine was intertwined with being posh and meticulously grooming one’s appearance (hence heels)
  4. Some guy just made a comment about how that’s gay, and everybody suddenly changed their mind about it because they didn’t want to be thought of as gay, but then women wore them for some reason not specified

Here are my responses to these claims:

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“Genius emerges at the intersection of unique individual human potential and unique temporal circumstances. As circumstances change, some people’s ability to fulfill their potential will increase, but other people’s will decrease. Progress does not simply expand options.”


Anonymous asked: Do you understand Kojima's hidden messages the first time you play an MGS game?

Nope. Interviews and stuff are needed to put the puzzle together.